Rodolfo Anes Silveira

born  01.11.1978 Vila Franca de Xira ( Portugal ) in Germany since 2013

since 2021: Assistant Professor at the VFX Department ( Univ. of Television and Film – HFF | Munich | Germany )
since 2021: MA candidate in Information and Enterprise Systems with special focus in Enterprise Architecture (Inst. Sup. Tech. Lisbon University | Portugal)

since 2019: Assistant Professor at the Cinematography Department ( Univ. of Television and Film – HFF | Munich | Germany ) 
2017 – 2021: PhD in Media Arts  with special focus on multisensoriality with thesis intutulated Hapticotopia ( Univ. Beira interior – UBI | Covilhã | Portugal )
2017 – 2019: Study Coordinator at the Cinematography Department ( Univ. of Television and Film – HFF | Munich | Germany ) 
2016: Owner and Co-founder of Okkosmos Film
2014 – 2017: Tutor at the Cinematography Department ( Univ. of Television and Film – HFF | Munich | Germany )
2013 – 2014: Guest Student an the Cinematography Course ( Univ. of Television and Film – HFF | Munich | Germany )
since 2013: Freelancer Senior Dolby Surround Sound Mixer | Sound Designer ( Germany )
2012: Internship at the Media Department ( Council of Europe – COE | Strasburg | France )
2012: Bachelor Degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication ( Univ. Lusófona | Lisbon | Portugal )
1999 – 2012: Sound Designer / Editor / Mixer & Sound Engineered – Film/Tv/Live Concerts  ( Portugal )
1999: Image and Communication Technical School, Lisbon, Portugal

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Tel: +49 (0)174 60 66 441

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some video work

Confronting the Hands time
A visual essay that wanders in an anachronistic “Hands” time. Motivated by Henri Focillon’s fabulous literary essay, this video essay is not meant to be a “compliment to the hand” but to establish the average knowledge of the main subject shared by the Internet. Thus, through a script planned by curiosity and images in public domain, the spectator and conducted through various information rooms, in order to make a brief approach to the incredible tool of creation: the Hand.
Moments: 10 years being Ses Forquilles
A handful of moments precede all our actions. Acting for the essential function of survival is not only a necessity: knowing how to appreciate the delicacy of the moment, is perhaps the best meal of the soul. By bringing out all these emotions, the dish is filled with emotional food worthy of a rare taste that is already more unrecognizable and with aromas that fill the unknown side of the feeling. This little advertising film celebrates all those moments: 10 years of life of one of the best and most original restaurants and chefs in Menorca. Because life is all the moments that exist between food and food.
Digital Collectors: Born to Folk
Since the beginning of time, stories have been told with images as a universal code to which we are all subject. Although we interpret and react unconsciously to this “language” which, in the most personal sphere, becomes miraculously perceptible. From there came this opportunity to make films with images in public domain: images that after meticulous scrutiny survived the erosion of the post-digital era. This film celebrates the harvesting of images and their recovery and reaffirmation by digital collectors: an active recycling in favour of new narratives with old images.
The Hand: a silent portrait from Christian Elsaerrer
What is called “Music” implies several conditions. One of them, and perhaps one of the most important, is the creator. We all create music in some way. The hand is the interface between what we feel and express and vice-versa. The hand makes the creator and the creator makes the hand. With the common denominator of this big-band, there is a secret dance in the beauty of the interpretation of the set of hands performed by reading the gesture of the maestro. This small film puts into dialogue all those small gestures inherent to a performance of the final composition.
The Sisyphus dance
Hermes, a state-of-the-art automaton, realised that the humans he had been charged with watching had the ability to read books, an activity considered dangerous at a stage of development when everything was decided by a state intelligence centre, whose members were virtual, and nobody knew how to fight. Reading books was a way to keep alive the critical spirit, the creativity and the sensibility, through which the individual affirms himself as unique, free to refuse that collective, totalitarian and alienating universe. From the contact with the two humans, the automaton recognizes itself differently and reverses the path of persecution. It is to itself that it refuses, its abnormal constitution that does not allow it to relate emotionally nor to choose the definitive solution to its case, death.
The procession
Travelling to the interior of Portugal often means going back in time. To the place where the customs and traditions slowly change. A portrait of what could be framed as evolution. Even in a time of exacerbated acceleration, the touch and active presence in allegorical rites represents only one more act for mutual social protection in the isolation and fragility of a country where everyone spends their time on the beach facing the sun. This portrait intends to make the values of honest, hardworking and proud people survive.
The Water Triptych
There is a rhythm inherent to life – to the physiological and preceptive organism that we are – that even in self-control regulates all emotions and feelings. What impels us in front of reality is the will to explore the avenging and tangible environment in the cognitive sphere rather than reality. The subjective interpretation goes far beyond duality. In the sea of feelings, in the river of life and in the social current that unceasingly pushes and unconsciously codifies our thinking, we seek a “pure perception” in an attempt to innocently apprehend reality.

some sound work

Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer Dolby Surround

NETFLIX – DON´T GET DIVORCED | Spec Spot | Veronika Hafner/HFF | 4 min 2019

THE RAFT | Short film | Sylvain Cruiziat/HFF | 20 min 2019

OKTOPUS UND MURÄNE | Short Film | Sebastian Husak/HFF | 30 min 2019

YALLAH HABIBI | Short Film | Mahnas Sawari/HFF | 30 min 2019

BILLBOARDS TO CAIRO | Documentary Short Film | Rabelle Erian/HFF | 20 min 2019

EINGENER BEDARF | Short Film | Julius Grimm/HFF | 30 min 2019

KEIN DING | Short Film | Arthur Althen /HFF | 30 min 2019

MY FREE WILL | Documentary | Elisa Nadal/HFF | 90 min 2019

EIN TAG IM AUGUST | Short Film | Helena Herb/HFF | 30 min 2019

MIDNIGHT REGULATIONS | Short Film | Nils Keller/HFF | 30 min 2018

DIE TINTE TROCKEN NICHT | Documentary Short Film | Felix Hermann/HFF | 15 min 2018

MEIN BRUDER KANN TANZEN | Feature Film | Felicias Sonnvilla/HFF | 90 min 2018

SCHLAFF GUT, DU AUCH | Short Film | Christian Knie/HFF | 30 min 2018

OH MANN HANN | Short Film | Alex Negret/HFF | 30 min 2018

DIE GEHEIMNISSE DES SCHÖNEN LEO | Documentary | Lichtblick Film GmbH | 80 min 2018 

VOM GRABEN | Feature Film | Dreifilm/HFF | 87 min 2018

PAMPARIOS | Feature Film | Dreifilm&Pronoia/HFF | 82 min 2017

SOMMERLOCH | Short Film | Berthold Wahjudi/HFF | 15 min 2017

WALDENDS | Short Film | Helena Herd/HFF | 15 min 2017

DER TAG NACH MORGEN | Short Film | Henning Pulss/HFF | 15 min 2017

DER WANDERER | Short Film | Anatol Schuster&Wirfilm/HFF | 07 min 2017

THE HARDEST JOB | Spec Spot | Max Traub/HFF | 02 min 2017

DAS JÜNGSTE GERICHT | Documentary Short Film | Moritz BinderHFF | 45 Min 2017 

TWO LAST WEEKS | Documentary Short Film | Marc steck und Pronoia/HFF | 30 min 2017

SCHILDKRÖTE PANZA | Documentary Short Film | Kapanfilm/HFF | 30 min 2017

DIE HERBERGER | Trailer | KittelFilm/HFF | 02 min 2017

LIFE OF GRACE | Reportage | HFF | 30 min 2016

COUZ | Documentary Short Film | Max Bungarten/HFF | 30 min 2016

JENNY | Short Film | OkKosmosFilm/HFF | 30 min 2016

BLAU BLUME ROMANTIK FEST 2017 | Trailer | Weckelmann & Meyer/ HFF | 02 min 2016

some photo work

part of japan series in 2016

some text work

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